Over $13,500 raised for Tassie bush charities! ( as of 21/06/2024 )

A note from the maker

Some people say coming into the bush is coming home, that going out is going in. I don't know if that's true for me. The respect and yearning for Tassie hills that I have is easily explained as a search for freedom and belonging. But these feelings cannot be compared with the deep and direct interdependency those that live on the land share with the bush. Similarly, to brand a place wilderness and imply it is untouched is to ignore many thousands of generations of indigenous custodianship and the wide-reaching impacts of modern consumerism and globalisation.

I guess like many love letters, this project is both a thank you and an apology. May it bring you joy, while remembering that none of our actions happen in isolation and each time we go into the bush we are choosing to alter it.

More thanks are sent to my key collaborators, Becca and Bill, for conceptual input and enthusiasm. Brother Ned for simplifying a geological map and always making walks take 35% longer due to required rock-observation time. Josh and Lou for good vibes galore and generous website assistance.

But most thanks of all must go to my three jokers (unfortunately only two could make it to print).
- Mum and Dad for teaching me about place
- The HickeyBesterScotts for allowing me to be slightly bigger than I deserve
- Ken-Gene for being there. Always.

I hope these cards help you share special places with special people wherever you play.

Written while waiting for my porridge to soak on top of Mount Chapman, September 2021.